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What are the advantages of using a Business Directory?

Boost your SEO

The number one objective of listing on a business directory is to improve your website ranking in search engines. A business directory helps this process by linking back to your website. This gives your website an extra “vote” in the eyes of search engines and boosts your ranking.

Increase Brand Awareness

The second advantage of a business directory listing is the ability to increase brand awareness. Your listing will be easily found via the search function. The key elements of brand awareness are included with your listing such as logo upload and business name.

Add your Business Details

Included in your Business page is a link to your website, business address, google map, logo, description, products and services, image gallery, phone number, cover photo, social media links, facebook feed, twitter feed and a contact form.

Business Directory FAQs

What is a Business Directory

A business directory basically promotes business services via its website. A business can be easily found in certain categories, locations and keywords. Business owners will add their listings online and they can include all of the important information about there services.

What is the purpose of a business directory?

The major purpose of an online business directory is to display a list of businesses in a certain category and/or location. It should contain important business information such as phone number, website link, location and a description of the services provided.

How does a directory help your business?

The main objective of a directory is to maximise business exposure. The listing page includes all of the important information about your business and helps customers learn more about your services. A directory also provides search functionally based on category, location, keyword and postcode. Therefore, your business will show up in relevant categories or locations.

How to create an effective business directory?

1. Provide as much information as possible. Include your phone number, website link, multiple images, social media links, location and promote your services.
2. Don’t copy text directly from your website. Writing a unique business description will improve your listing in search engines.
3. Upload your logo to increase brand awareness

What is a listing in SEO?

For Search Engine Optimisation purposes a listing can improve your rankings. A successful SEO listing will need to consist of a long description (over 500 words), a website link, well named images and accurate information.

Where should I list my business?

You should list your business in as many online business directories as possible. This will improve your overall website ranking in search engines and help improve the awareness of your brand.